Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Unleashing my Inner Artisan

Our cozy new home is a blessing from God...but it needs some work.

Chief among it's flaws is the carpeted breakfast nook. I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea to put white carpet underneath a casual dining area, but my guess is that they didn't have three small children. So I've bought tile and picked out paint colors and I'm ready to make over my space, but now I actually have to do it. My husband is not so Happy about the challenge of laying 300 square feet of tile in our main living area, so I've been researching different flooring and installation methods and it has got my creative juices flowing.

I imagine myself a master artisan creating a mosaic of elegant proportions on my breakfast floor. Of course I am also a master seamstress with blue silk curtains in the works and an upholstering genius ready to recover my aging wing chairs. I've been pouring through books and the world wide web for tips and plans. I can feel the excitement in my fingertips.

Delusions of grandeur aside I'm started to get really excited about slowly buy surely making this house a beautiful, comfortable place to live.

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janella said...

fantastic! there is something neat about a house that is NOT completely updated. it's the canvas and you are the painter. i wonder, since this blog has been up for a while, if the tile is finished. i am really looking forward to a warm, early summer weekend when my family can come visit your Happy new home! viva artisanship!