Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Movin' On Blues

Our Happy household has successfully transplanted to our new home. We love the house and the neighborhood and the school...but I have the blues about the state of our home. I keep telling myself that it took three weeks to pack up our old house and it could take longer to get settled into our new house but that does little to salve my irritation at the mess that still lingers in the corners of each room.

How can a bigger house not have a place for all our old stuff?
Do wires and cables breed and multiply in storage boxes?
Should I do laundry before I get all the clean clothes unpacked?
How can the floor be the best place for previously precious valuables?
Will I ever, ever be caught up?

To our credit, we have passed several major milestones. On Monday all cardboard boxes were officially moved out of the residence. Two days later the car was officially parked in the garage. Best of all, on Thursday every single toy in the universe found it's Happy placement in the playroom. The latter was accomplished in the midst of a stomach virus outbreak four persons strong.

Give a little prayer for me as I muster all my housekeeping skills and try to turn this new house into a home.

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