Saturday, May 31, 2008

Goo Gone

Spring cleaning recently found me in the "way back" of our minivan. My children really love gum and apparently they really love to string gum all over the floor and leather seats of our van. After several moments of inhaling deeply I went and grabbed the Goo Gone. We have used it successfully in the past to remove candle wax and sticker residue, but I wasn't sure if it was up to this challenge.

It was amazing! It completely dissolved two giant clumps of gum off the floor mats and left no oily residue behind. The strings of ancient gum on the leather seats required some scrubbing and scratching, but it's all gone. Don't mess with ice or peanut butter, if you need to remove gum, wax or anything sticky Goo Gone is the perfect tool. I have even used it on a pair of cream wool dress slacks with success.