Friday, November 2, 2007

Cartoons I Have Hated

There are two categories of cartoons I have hated.

Merely annoying or not to my taste

  1. Scooby-doo--I think I was four when I realized the show was formulaic, painfully, not endearingly formulaic.
  2. Road Runner--He is just so smug, does the poor skinny coyote not deserve to win just one hot meal?
  3. All anime'--Their mouths don't move when they talk, too creepy.
  4. Max and Ruby--It does have it's cute moments, but Max is like five and he can only speak in monosyllabic responses. Why does Ruby have to bee so bossy? Maybe because they appear to be orphans alone in a big house.
Cartoons my children are forbidden to watch due to content
  1. Spongebob Squarepants--It's just not written for children under 10, it's gross and in the words of my five-year-old "all they ever do is shout at each other."
  2. Dora the Explorer--She's too cute and innocent, what could be wrong with her? It's really just more of a feeling I get when we watch it. Too much chanting, too many brujas (a little crazy family history, but a witch in Spanish has a different meaning to me) and just an overall new age-y new world order vibe I get. I know, I know it's just me.
  3. Jimmy Neutron--the kid's a genius and his father is a clueless fool.
  4. All those mid afternoon Nick shows that are just about loud, obnoxious deviant behavior.

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