Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Perfect Place to Start

I had hoped to begin this blog several weeks ago, but illness has plagued me and my family almost nonstop since then. Nothing catastrophic or tragic, just all those nagging little viruses and infections that come with fall and the beginning of school. We have been attacked one by one over the past few weeks, until this weekend when we were all hit en mass with a stomach virus.

So, I sit here beginning a blog dedicated to domestic bliss, housekeeping harmony, organization and just an overall enjoyable quality of life, while my home and person are completely neglected. Ah, what a perfect place to start! I hope this blog will be a real discussion and reference for all of us trying to maintain a genuine "happy house" with all of its pitfalls and pleasures.

1 comment:

janella said...

such irony! unable to write about the joys of the home because your household was sick!

glad that's over, and here! here! to the start of a fun blog written by someone whose moniker, i can attest, is well-suited!