Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dinner at Home

I make dinner for my husband every night. After taking care of the kids, I consider this to be my most important task. All of the other daily chores can be shirked, but dinner must be served. Forgive me if I sound archaic, but I make it for my man. The children and I would all rather have cereal and fruit and on the nights when he's not home for dinner that's exactly what we do. Sometimes I have to drag myself into the kitchen and stare blankly at the cursed freezer, what could I possibly make with that mess? Sometimes I get all excited to try out some new recipe or technique, but usually my level of excitement lies somewhere in between. But one thing I know is that he is the only one at work (male or female) who consistently comes homes to a hot meal waiting for him. Whatever happens during the day, he can come home to share a table full of food with his family, and I think that means a lot to him.

Except for last night when I had him bring home some chicken.

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