Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Charmed Life

Recently, I was working at my desk when my screen saver slide show caught my eye. Photos of our children at various ages, Christmas pictures in front of the fireplace, friends on water skies, the traditional family photo album slide show. I've seen all these images flash by a hundred times, but for some reason this time I was moved by what a charmed life I lead.

We have a very ordinary American life. We have a beautiful, blessed, amazing life. Of course we have bumps and setbacks, but what are they compared to those snapshots of joy and abundance? I live, any very likely you do too, the dream that people are willing to lock themselves up in a freight container and cross the ocean to achieve. Warm holiday meals, get togethers with mobs of friends and family, lazy summer days punctuated with a cracked open watermelon and kids dripping with pool water, dark evenings on the couch with my husband and Netflix, lake excursions that send you home exhausted with fun, school plays more satisfying than Broadway...how I could go on indulging myself with the sweet moments of my life.

I am constantly telling my children to stop being upset about the things they don't have (typically a popsicle) and be thankful for what they do have (probably a peanut butter & jelly sandwich) I am determined to apply this principle to my own life as well, so I am off to enjoy my new home and quit fussing about all the new furniture I don't have to fill it.


Janella said...

Here, here!!! Phenomenal challenge!!! It's in our nature not to be satisfied---which leads to good things if we channel it right, but can also lead to wishing away our lives and holding out for the perfect tomorrow... meanwhile the 99.9% perfect today is quickly floating past!!! Thanks for the great reminder!
--Your charmed friend Janella

tagalong said...

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