Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Quick Recommendation

I rarely read Christian living books. When I do read them I usually find them pretty mediocre but several months ago I started reading John Bevere. I picked up Driven by Eternity after hearing Bevere preaching on the internet and it made me sob uncontrollably. Right now I'm reading Under Cover and it is positively life changing.

The Godly principles in his books are like T-bone steaks for the soul. Do not read them if you have a weak spiritual stomach. While each one is on a pretty simple topic like Obedience, they are strong, scripture heavy works that will make you question who you think you are in Christ. The person who first introduced me to his writings said that she once threw the book across the room she was so convicted.

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janella said...

Ooooo, I'll bite! I went from your blog to the library website, checked to see if they had the book (I was sure they wouldn't.....) and lo and behold they DID! So it's on reserve for me. Somebody else has it checked out currently. (I thought I heard the sound of a book flying across the room yesterday. Must have been my library friend!)