Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My home is a cluttered patchy mess of our belongings, and it makes me excessively happy. Next week we will move five miles south into a quiet little neighborhood in the elementary school district of our dreams. I have moved too many times in my life to remember, but my entire married life has been spent in this home and I keep waiting to be weepy or nostalgic about the whole situation. I am not. This isn't even a bittersweet moment it is simply time to go.

I love these moments of divine clarity of action. This moment comes after many months of weeping, praying, questioning and indifference. It's amazing how something as common as selling and buying a home can try one's soul. At the risk of sounding dramatic I have to admit that I am a different person from when this whole thing started in April. God has really used this as a catalyst to reshape me and draw me near. Vices and failings have melted away, worldly desires have disappeared and been replaced with an intense love for the people around me. I can't even describe the difference in me and perhaps no one has even noticed it but I am so grateful that this trial came my way. I am grateful that it's almost over and I am excited about moving my family into the next little chapter in our lives.

Not to mention all the unpacking and organizing! For good or ill I still have my insane love for making order out of chaos and I'll get to wallow in it for the next few weeks.

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